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HCB Yachts:
Where Luxury Meets Unrivaled Performance in the GCC

Discover the World's Finest Center Console Yachts

Experience the Pinnacle of Boating Excellence

HCB Yachts stands as the world's premier builder of luxury center console yachts.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation, performance, and meticulous craftsmanship has earned us a reputation for excellence among the most discerning boaters in the GCC and beyond.

Explore the World of HCB Yachts

Discover the full range of HCB yachts and find the perfect model for your discerning tastes and adventurous spirit. Each HCB yacht is a testament to our commitment to excellence, offering a unique blend of luxury, performance, and unmatched craftsmanship.

HCB Estrella


The Estrella is the world’s largest center console yacht delivering peak performance and stunning beauty.

For the confident, the Siesta artfully blends performance and luxury, and is perfect for any enthusiast.

For the aspiring, the family-friendly Speciale is an athletic masterpiece in design and innovation.

For the uncompromising, the Sueños is the pinnacle of luxury, comfort, athleticism, and refinement.

The Campeon is built to cut through waves with grace and speed, offering you the exhilarating experience you crave.

Discover the peak of innovation, performance, and quality in this large center console yacht, highlighting the ongoing advancement of the product.

HCB Campeón 48

The HCB Campeón 48'
International Innovation Award 2024!

HCB Campeón 48' has won the international Innovation Award 2024!

“The build quality and attention to detail overshadowed entrants in the category.”

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At HCB Yachts, we combine unparalleled craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to deliver an extraordinary yachting experience.
Each yacht is meticulously crafted to offer superior handling, luxurious comfort, and exceptional durability, ensuring an unforgettable journey on the open seas.

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Dubai Power Boats is the exclusive importer and distributor of the prestigious brands showcased on our website. We specialize in high-end luxury motor yachts and sport fishing boats for the GCC region.

We provide delivery to all major ports in the GCC, along with comprehensive warranty and local service support. Additionally, we welcome inquiries from marinas and companies interested in representing our brands in their local areas.

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