Dubai Boat Show
Dubai Boat Show 2023:

Luxury Center Console Boats Steal the Spotlight

HCB Yachts Lead the Way in the Growing Market for High-End Center Console Boats


The Dubai International Boat Show held from March 7th to 11th, 2023, showcased an impressive array of luxurious yachts, high-performance boats, and cutting-edge marine technologies.

This year, the event attracted a record number of visitors, making it the most successful edition yet. Among the numerous attractions, luxury center console boats, particularly HCB Yachts, emerged as the show's true stars, appealing to the rich and famous for their blend of sportfishing capabilities and family-friendly features.

Family-Friendly Features

Luxury center console boats have increasingly adapted to cater to the entire family.
At the Dubai Boat Show, several models showcased family-friendly features, such as:

Comfortable Seating

Plush, ergonomic seating options provide comfort for all passengers, ensuring an enjoyable day on the water.

Entertainment Systems

Advanced audio and video systems allow music and movie streaming, perfect for entertaining the family during a relaxing cruise.

Sun Protection

Large T-tops or hardtops provide shade, protecting passengers from the sun's rays and adding comfort to the boating experience.

Water Sports

Center console boats often come equipped with tow points and swim platforms, making them suitable for water sports like wakeboarding and snorkelling.

Dubai Boat Show 2023

HCB Yachts: A New Benchmark for Luxury Center Console Boats

HCB Yachts has played a pivotal role in elevating the luxury center console market, with models like the Estrella 65, Suenos 53, and Speciale 42 attracting the attention of the rich and famous.

These boats exemplify the ideal combination of sportfishing prowess, family-friendly amenities, and opulent design.

With options for customization and attention to detail, HCB Yachts has set a new standard in the world of luxury centre console boats.

HCB Sueños 53


The Dubai Boat Show 2023 witnessed the continued growth of luxury center console boats in the boating market.

Manufacturers like HCB Yachts have recognized the demand for versatile, high-performance boats catering to sportfishing and family-oriented activities.

As the boating industry continues to evolve, it is evident that luxury centre console boats will play an increasingly significant role.

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